Switch on the slide button and the electrical wire will be heated.

  • Smart ignition provided by switching on the slide button.
  • Safe ignition by electrical heated wire.
  • No flame blowing or disappcaring from wind blow.

No battery exchange needed!
Just plug the USB Jii to your computer and recharge it.

  • One full charge allows you to lit about 120 tobacco cigarettes.
  • If it runs out of battery just plug it with usb and safe time and cost of battcry exchange.
  • Remove the cap of the "Jii" and insert the USB in thc port of your computer: the charge、will be started automatically.
  • When red light goes off, battery charge is completed.

Safe money with the "Jii" cheap battery lighter which can be used repeatedly!

  • With a disposable cigarette lighter, when it is empty, you have to throw it away.
  • With "Jii", there is no gas but a rechttgcable battery so you can use it repeatedly. 100 duties are carried out by one "Jii": it is very econornical.

Five available colors.

available colors: white, blue, pink, yellow and black. Size:  85x25x14 mm – Weight: 26 grs -Number of ignitions when charged:  about 120 - rate of charge: more than 100 times.
Turns off automatically after +/- 15 seconds - USB charge:  about 2 hours · Automatic OFF function

"Jii":USB Chargeable
No gas needed
Electrically heated wire lighter
that can be use repeatedly.

"Jii" original theme song